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Skyros - Our Island

A few words about the island

Skyros located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, comprises one of the islands of the Sporades, and prides itself for its rich cultural character depicted in its local pottery, wood carving and embroidery. Local customs also add to the variety of its cultural heritage along with events taking place throughout the year, especially during the summer. Not only is the island proud of its unique flora and fauna and the numerous beaches, but also the local products such as the thyme honey, cheese, and sheep and goat meat.

While strolling through the stone-paved alleys in the heart of the town of Skyros ‘Chora’ the visitors will notice the characteristic Cycladic architecture of the traditional settlement with the little, white terraced houses, and on top of it the Byzantine monastery of Saint George, the protector saint of the island. Nature lovers will definitely appreciate the hiking trails which lead to tiny chapels all around the island and other spots of majestic beauty. Not to mention the Skyrian pony which roams around free in the Southern part of the island or has found shelter in two local horse farms.

An island with unique cultural features and customs. It is worth visiting the traditional carnival of Skyros with its protagonists ‘Geros and Korela’ during the carnival season. During this time the ‘Geros = the bell bearers’ give life and rhythm to the alleyways foreboding the coming of Spring. Everybody lives in the rhythm of the carnival during that time!
Throughout summer there are many religious fairs at the beautiful chapels of the island where after the mass plenty of food and wine is offered!

The best beaches in Skyros

The beaches of Skyros are distinguished for their natural beauty and their picturesqueness and the combination of the rocky landscape with the sea always with the presence of the green of nature to a greater or lesser extent.

Skyros has beaches with crystal clear waters, sandy or pebbled shores and vegetation that often touches the waves. There are organized or free beaches in Skyros, but they retain their character and have not been altered by the tourist traffic.

Molos: sand Νο1
Kalamitsa: East Side – pebble Νο2
Agios Petros: pebble and sand Νο3
Pefkos: sand Νο4
Kira Panagia: sand Νο5
Gyrismata: sand Νο6
Aspous: sand Νο7
Agios Fokas: sand and pebble Νο 8
Kareflou: sand Νο9
Isl. Sarakino: sand Νο10


ASPOUS BEACH is in the East and is one of the families’ most favourite choice due to its shallow, warm waters and sand all over. There are no parasols , but there is a beach bar a café and a family tavern nearby. It’s the only beach with a small cave in its eastern side!


KALAMITSA BEACH is the second largest on the island. Situated in the West, gives it the privilege to be protected from the Northern winds and thus make it the ideal choice when waves make it difficult for the bathers to enjoy their swim. Surfers favourite due to the lack of waves, except of course when the winds turn Southern! It’s chilly waters will definitely give you a strong boost for the day! You’ll surely like its golden sand and pebbles. There are some parasols, a family tavern and mini-market nearby.


MAGAZIA – MOLOS BEACH in the North-East of the island is the biggest beach in Skyros, the closest to the main village ‘chora’ and it’s sandy , with quite a few beach bars, tavernas, and restaurants in the nearby area. Sun beds and parasols are plenty. It’s advisable that you leave your vehicle in the MUNICIPAL PARKING LOT which is opposite St. Catherine’s chapel, or else parking space is hard to find especially in the summer months. NOTE: Most beach bars provide their customers with private parking spaces.


PEFKOS BEACH in the West of the island is a beautiful, sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. There are parasols but not many, a family tavern and coffee can be served on the beach.


GYRISMATA BEACH is in the North-East of the island. It’s sandy, and quite popular due to its vicinity to the main village of Skyros.There is a beach bar, parasols and taverns nearby.

Girismata Beach
Kareflou beach


KAREFLOU BEACH is in the East of the island. It’s sandy, with some pebbles, a bit rocky in its both sides. Not organized. Driving on a non-asphalt road does not make it the bathers’ first choice,but it is worth visiting at least once!


AGIOS FOKAS BEACH is in the West and it’s situated in an idyllic place. It’s sandy and overlooks a tiny chapel , the chapel of Agios Fokas. Not organized, but there is a family tavern to cover your basic needs.

Skyros Agios Fokas Beach
Skyros Agios Petros Beach


AGIOS PETROS BEACH in the North-West of the island is a partially sandy and pebbly beach surrounded by a pine forest is a free-camper’s choice. Not organized. There is a family tavern nearby.


KYRA PANAGIA BEACH in the North-West of the island is a sandy beach, attracting many families due ti its shallow waters. There is a beach bar and tavernas nearby. It’s surrounded by pine trees.

Skyros Kyra Panagia Beach
Skyros Sarakino Beach


SARAKINIKO or SARAKINO BEACH is only accessed by boat as it is located on the uninhabited isle of Sarakiniko. A boat leaves from Linaria port in the summer months on organized boat trips there. It’s a fantastic beach. Not to be missed.