Skyros Blue Suites

How to come

There are many ways to get to Skyros. Whoever you choose will reward you accordingly, offering you the pleasure of the corresponding route.

Following the route Athens – Chalkida – Aliveri – Kymi Beach.

You can also use the ferry line from Oropos to Eretria and follow the route Athens – Oropos – Eretria – Aliveri – Kymi Beach.

From the rest of Greece you will have to drive to the port of Kymi.

* During peak periods and the summer months you should make sure to reserve tickets for passengers and vehicles travelling to Skyros by contacting one of the agencies by phone.

By boat “Achilleas” of Skyros Shipping Company from the Port of Kymi (1 hour and 40 minutes)

By K.T.E.L. buses (Athens – Kymi Beach)
There is a daily connection from the intercity bus station (260 Liosion) to Kymi Beach.

The distance is 160 km. and the time 3 hours and 15 minutes.

With AEGEAN flights of 30 minutes from Athens to Skyros.
With SKY EXPRESS flights of 40 minutes from Thessaloniki to Skyros.